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Men’s Health Problems that Need To Be Aware of

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Men and women are slightly different from one to another in various ways. Not only because of their physically look, but they tend to have different health problems as well. You should not see that statement by claiming that some diseases on women will not attack the men and the other way around. Men still have chances to suffer from a number of diseases that attack women. Perhaps, the only difference is that those diseases have a great capacity to bring more harm to a men. 

Should you make a simple comparison between men and women, you will find out that men tend to come up with specific health risks. It is highly recommended that you dig more information about it in order to keep yourself pretty protected from the men’s health problems. Many men on the planet seem to have less interest in protecting themselves from a number of men’s health problems long before they reach the age of 50 years or more. The fact is that your early efforts in detecting yourself and your body as early as possible will bring you more benefits. It is very useful to prevent a number of serious men’s health problems from happening in the future.

Men’s Health Problems – Some Serious Threats to Men

The health experts have made it cleared that men in this country are more prone to a number of men’s health problems than most women are. If we have a closer look at the medical history or records of the country, you will easily find that most men are very fragile to the attack of heart disease and stroke. In fact, heart disease is apparently included as one of the number one killer for male patients in the country. Should we compare to the women medical records of the country, men tend to have a higher risk of suffering from heart disease than women.


Heart disease has become a very serious threat to men’s health, thus, we have to equip ourselves with plenty of knowledge in order to keep ourselves this life threatening men’s health problem. There are many things we can do in order to lower our risk of suffering from one of the most dangerous men’s health problems. If you happen to be a heavy smoker and love to drink alcoholic beverages, then the best thing you can do is quitting those bad habits as soon as possible. In addition to that, you are also recommended to increase your saturated fat intake complemented by two and a half hours of exercise every week. Make sure that you also keep your blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control.


Heart diseases and stroke are not the only men’s health problems you should be aware of. There are many other serious health threats that can bring more harm to your healthy state such as lung cancer, erectile dysfunction, sexually transmitted diseases, or even suicide and depression. Coming up with an early check up in regular basis and practicing a healthy lifestyle would be very important to keep yourself away from those men’s health problems. Bathmate

The Benefits of Sex for Men's Health

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Sex could deliver a great result for men's health. However, it would not only improve your mentally condition because it could cope with your stress problem, but it would also able to cure your disease, moreover it also heals up your wound, and it could even lower the aging process. You might not know the advantage that you could get from the sex for your body and mind; this is why we will give to you some information about how the sex could be good for your health.


Lowering your visit to the emergency room using frequent sex

There are actually many kinds of studies that could relate sex with the health for men, those studies are based on research done by the professional in their field. This is why when you pay attention to the latest news you could get more information about it.

Making your heart healthier using sex

According to the American Journal of Cardiology you could actually lower your risk to get cardiovascular disease when you have more sex. That is why they say it would be better for men to do sex at least twice each week so you could lower your risk on the disease. They had done a research to 1165 men that have been monitored for at least 16 years because they want to see their aging process. According to the research they found that men who only do sex one time every month or even less will get 50 percent more risk of getting cardiovascular disease than men who do sex more than that.

The study said that the physical capacity of a man that would be able to show the health of the man itself. Moreover the sex could also be used as a form of physical exercises so they would be able to protect man from cardiovascular disease. Sex will also trigger better intimate relationship between the partners so they could give support to each other, which makes men stress level decrease every time they encourage each other. That is the reason, why doing frequent sex would be good for you.

Burn more calories using sex for men health

Because orgasm is happened only in short time, then it would only used two until three calories in your body. However the other things you do before it would be able to burn more calories, but it would also depends on the men health, the duration of the process, and the dynamism of the lovemaking condition. As example if you often make love in rough and high intensity then it would burn up to five metabolic equivalents. This measurement is used to show the intensively of your physical activity. As a comparison if you only sit around without doing anything, then it would only burn your energy up to one metabolic equivalent.

To count it down if your weight is around 190 pounds then you would be able to burn your calories for up to 413 calories after one hour of rough and high intensity lovemaking session. However most men would not do it for more than 20 minutes each session, which is why you would only burn for up to 150 calories. But then when you only sit around you would only get to burn half of the calories, so it definitely better when you done sex rather than doing nothing.

Releases your stress using sex


There are studies that done by University of the West of Scotland that said sex would work as an exercises would for your mind. It would be able to function as tool to release from your anxiety, it could also decrease the level of your stress hormones on your body then you could reduce the pressure on your mind of at least one more week. The study is done by using 46 participant which engaged in a situation that could makes them stressful because they have to work on difficult mathematic problems and also speak in front of hard to manage audience. The participant also asked to take a note of their sexual activity for a period of two weeks that starts before the beginning of the test. It is found that them who done sex would be have lower stress level; moreover their blood pressures will be fast to go back to their normal state after the stressful situation ends. It is also found from the study that people who done sex with partner will have twice as better condition compared to them who only done masturbate or who do not have any sex at all.

Increasing your immune system using sex for men health

There are study done by Wilkes University of Pennsylvania that find if men done sex for at least once to twice every week they would increase their immune system compared to people who done sex less than one time every week. They done the research to 111 men college student, then they are asked to number the frequency of sex that they done in the time of one month. Then they took their saliva sample to do test, and the result is very amazing. Because the college student that who done frequent sex for at least once to twice every week will have 30 percent increased in the level of their antigen immunoglobulin A compared to student that does not done sex frequently. This antigen immunoglobulin is used as the defense mechanism on body against the common disease such as flu and cold. They also said the condition of the relationships will also shows some effect to the men health. To know about this effect they even going the risk of giving cold virus to the volunteers to search for the impact they get. The result shows that a man who has better relationship has lower possibility to get affected by the virus. This is the best research that they done since with this we could keep our body condition better. 

How to Prevent Ment from Getting Infertility Problem

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You should know that there are also infertility problem that could be have by men. In fact men has as many as 50 percent change that cause the partner could not get pregnant. However in most cases the men infertility problem could not easily detect because there is no exact sign of it. The only sign only happened to the men that have infertility cause by hormonal problem because they would also cause some change in their body such as voice change, hair growth change, sexual dysfunctions, and even the growth of breast on men chest.


How to prevent infertility problem on men?

Usually you could not prevent infertility problem since there are many kinds of cause that get make men becomes infertile. However you could also try to take care of your diet and health since having healthy diet, taking vimax pills and exercises you would have less possibility of getting infertile.

  1. Change your lifestyle: if you already notice that you have a bad habit then you need to change your lifestyle, but do not wait far too long because the infertility could strike anytime. Stop yourself from smoking or drinking alcohol because there are many kinds of chemical inside the smoke and alcohol that could make you infertile.
  2. Change your clothes: some of you might like to use tight clothing or even tight underwear. But actually this is very dangerous since it could press on the testis and it could disturb its function in producing sperm. You do not need to use baggy pants but just choose pants that are not pressing your thigh too much.
  3. Avoid hot water: the ideal temperature for testis is on lower level, this is why getting high temperature from hot environment could be a problem for you. If it is possible try to avoid hot water to hit your genital area because it could make the sperm to be inactive. However this men infertility problem effect is usually a temporary thing so you should not be worry too much about it. Just remember do not use hot water tubs or even steam bathing when you want to conceive afterwards.
  4. Eating right diet: choose your diet carefully since you want to take care of your body more. The most important thing is you need to eat more vitamin C and zinc which would be great for your sperm production. Oxidative damage on your sperm could be prevent if you eat at least one gram of vitamin C every single day so your sperm would become more motile. If you lacking zinc on your everyday diet you would get infertility that happened because of low number of sperm count, it would also cause impotence to men.
  5. Do not do vasectomy: when men do not want to have any other children they could do vasectomy that could cause men infertility problem. However when you not really sure if you really do not wish to have even one more child, then you should not do it. Even if there is a possibility to reverse the effect through surgery, but it could not be 100 percent.

The Simple Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss

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Finding the simple and easy juicing recipes for weight loss will help you in doing the healthy live treatment. By consuming the juice regularly, you will get the great nutrition for your body. Then, your body will always ready to do the activities in your life. Juice is the most effective ways to fulfill your body with the essential minerals in the easy and simple way. Consuming juice does not need the hard process. All of the nutritional goodness will be getting rapidly on your body system. The saved energy on your body from the juice will be used especially for the small intestine.

The juice will give the antioxidant for your body, since person holds 5-10 lbs on their intestines commonly. Then, by drinking the juice you will get the experience for losing your weight and your skin will radiantly healthy. The juice also makes the illness is healed, detox your system on the massive scale and scar tissue rejuvenates. Choosing the fruits and vegetable that can eat at one time can do juicing recipes for weight loss. The huge quantity of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients will be got immediately.

Consuming the juice regularly will give the huge advantages for your body. The nutrient contain in the juice will improve the mental and focus clarity and then the heart and cardiovascular function. Then, the anti-aging function from the juice will make you in the younger skin and appearance with the healthier nails and hair. This is the most important benefit; you will get the natural body weight and the energy extra for doing your activities. The juicing recipes for weight loss will give you reference how to make the tasty and healthy juice for your body.

The healthiest juice contains the antioxidant vitamins C and E. Those vitamins will prevent the damaging effect of the free radicals. Then, the preventing blood from ticking, becoming toxic and clotting can be done by those vitamins. Most of fruits and vegetables contain the greatest level of vitamin C. You can choose the most favorite fruits and vegetables that you like. Then, making the juicing recipes for weight loss can be combined with the various fruits and vegetables that have the different nutrient and vitamins such as the asparagus, kiwi, blackberries, and spinach.


Since juice has the huge advantages and contains the various vitamins, it can be consumed for preventing the hunger and finally you will get the little portion of your meals. Then, the easiest to process and it is without digestive. For the modern and busiest people, finding the juicing recipes for weight loss will help you in finding the diet decisions that can be done in the few minutes which will give you delicious, fresh, and healthy juice that based on your taste. Making the juice as one of the healthy drink to your body use the natural produces. This will limit and prevent the chemicals and the additives on your body.

Most people prefer to choose juice to consume the raw vegetables. It is because juice will give more flavorful than the raw one. Then, when you are difficult to eat the vegetable, you can try the juicing recipes for weight loss. The goodness of the juice will help you in giving more energy for your activities. The green juice full of chlorophyll will detoxify your liver and kidneys. This is good for getting the healthier body without spending the thousands of dollars.

The best ingredient for making juicing recipes for weight loss is whether vegetable or fruits. Most people prefer to choose the fruits to the vegetable. But, when you seek the healthy juice, you can combine both of them. Knowing the timing and advantages of the juice can do the differences of choosing the ingredients for your juice. The fruits are good to consume in the morning and before you do your exercise. The fruit is converting and storing the sugar in your body. You can add the vegetable for completing the nutrient in your juice.

Making the fat flush juicing recipes for weight loss can be done in the easy and simple way. You have to serve 4 oranges, which have been peeled, 2 pink grapefruit, 2 bunch mints and 2 head of romaine lettuces. Then, run all of it on the juicer. This fresh and healthy juice will be the great choice to start your day.

​The power up punch is the delicious juice that is fresh when be consumed in the morning. The punch has the strong and sweet taste. Preparing the juicing recipes for weight loss for creating the power up punch is easy by serving 1 handful of spinach, 2 apples, 1/3 pineapple, ½ cucumber, 2 fresh juice limes and 1-cup ice.